Tuesday, 15 May 2012

So it begins...

So I have toyed with the idea for a blog for a while now....but I'm not the type to usually do something like this..to put myself out here..but I thought..hey..why not...

Now this brings me to what this blog is about..I love all sorts of cosmetics...beauty products and makeup! LOVE LOVE LOVE!  But the thing is, when looking for reviews etc. about these products I find that the online blogs usually cater to people who are lighter rather than the vast ranges of hues found within Trinidad and Tobago. Thus, my blog will simply review products and where applicable provide swatches that may be more useful to those of us within the Caribbean.

With that being said I am of East Indian descent and to give you and idea of my complexion i'm a NC 43 in MAC Studio Fix powder and a NC 44 in MAC Studio Tech foundation.

Hopefully you guys enjoy! xx

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