Sunday, 2 February 2014

Nailpolish Quickie: Orly Coachella Dweller

As any beauty obsessed person knows, the obsessions extends to all things  beauty related! My nail polish collection is rather large so I thought i'd share some colours with you. Maybe everytime I do a colour change i'll pop on here and do a mini review with some pics. What do you guys think of that idea?

Orly Coachella Dweller

I picked this up last year at Wonderful World for $43 TT. It's not from the permanent Orly range but was in fact from the Orly Spring 2013 Freedom Collection. Of course in Trinidad we rarely get products simultaneously with their US release dates so I picked this up around September or so. I was having a pastel phase or moment and so the pale pastel green creme polish was right up my alley. The shade is pastel green yet it's still a bit bright, maybe muted green might be a better description...ughh I suck at colour descriptions. Additionally the name "Coachella Dweller" only added to my attraction to this polish because I love the boho-hippie vibes associated with the well known Coachella Music Festival.

The colour applies relatively well for a creme shade. Two coats of this polish will give you just about the right coverage. The colour is not too thick so that it becomes goopy when trying to apply a second coat which is always a plus. However you do have to apply carefully to ensure that there is no streaking. IMO the brush head needed to be wider for a posh of this formula.  I'd give it a 3.8/5 for application.

The colour is pretty long lasting as well although nailpolish tends to chip very easily on me so I may not be the best person to judge the longevity of a nailpolish.

2 Coats! No top coat added!

Still gotta clean my edges!

Picture taken with flash!

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