Sunday, 26 October 2014

MAC: The Matte Lip Collection

So a couple weeks ago my little black box arrived bearing my spoils from the MAC Matte Lip Collection! As many makeup lovers do, I adore a matte lip and usually find them to be irresistable. Therefore, as I predicted when I first heard of this collection months ago and in keeping with my self proclaimed lipstick junkie status I got all the colours with the exception of Heroine which I already own. 

I scrambled at work to order my lippies from this collection when it launched as I assumed that it would have been one of those collections which sold out within half an hour. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the collection was available for a long while after, hopefully because MAC has decided to listen to customer complaints about the availability of their limited edition collections.

I picked up the lipsticks:

  • La Vie En Rouge
  • Fashion Revival
  • Nouvelle Vogue 
  • Pander Me
  • Damn Glamorous 
  • Styled In Sepia 
  • Living Legend

Below are my swatches of the lippies! I'll eventually update my thoughts on each individual colour but I must say that these mattes are an improvement on MAC's somewhat stiff matte formula. They are creamy and glide on easily making them an ease to wear! Though the colours may not be all that unique to my collection there are some that I especially loved including Nouvelle Vogue and Pander Me!

L-R: Damn Glamorous, Living Legend, Styled in Sepia, Pander Me, Nouvelle Vogue, La Vie En Rogue, Fashion Revival. NC42/43 squinting

Same order as above, different lighting with MAC Nude to the bottom of Styled in Sepia for comparison!

Picture taken with flash! Same order are previous pictures with MAC Nude from the Rihanna Collection  to the bottom of Styled in Sepia for comparison!

Leave me the details on anything you guys picked up from the collection and what if any are your faves! 

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