Sunday, 26 October 2014

I'm back and i'm finding my voice!

Firstly, to all my readers out there I just want to apologise for my lengthy absence! Life took over and then I was on a purely relaxed mode! I've graduated from law school and I'm waiting to be called to the bar. I've started a new job and I know that i'll be extra busy because of that! However, I think posting and updating my blog will be a means of retaining an identity outside of just being an attrorney-at-law!

I've made lots of purchases in the past few months and have lots to share with you guys! My posts may be a lot less but i'll try to keep you guys updated with quick posts and swatches.

As I write more and more posts, it has become clear to me that finding my voice is not as easy as I thought it would be. For some reason, whenever I mentally dictate my posts my inner voice comes across as bubbly and ditzy and I feel that this translates into my posts. There's nothing wrong with being either of those things but I do think they are a little stereotypical of what persons think the beauty industry and all related things are about. 

I feel as if this stereotype has seeped into my own work and as such i'm going to make a conscious effort to channel myself and my own voice and style into this blog. 

I'm not sure if i'm thinking too much into this but I think it all goes back to the fact that we, and well especially me in this situation, need to trust our voices, trust in ourselves and who we are and most importantly trust that that person staring back at you in the mirror is enough.

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