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MAC Alluring Aquatic! MAC Goddess of the Sea Lipstick & MAC Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush

When I think if 'MAC Alluring Aquatic' the first thing that springs to mind is the packaging. Let's face it. This PACKAGING is beautifulllll!  MAC could have stuck the most hideous  colours in this packaging and it would have flown off the physical and virtual shelves. 

It's the big MAC Summer 2014 Collection (and no we do NOT have a 'Summer' in Trinidad) and so it consisted of around 32 pieces which can be seen here!

When I first saw this packaging on Specktra (makeup lovers, this site is a must join- wonderful online community) wayy back in March or so I knew that my inner collector HAD to have something from this collection.

At the time of the online launch of this collection I was preparing for my exams and as such chose to not get into that buying frenzy at that point in time. My upcoming examinations trumped makeup at the end of the day and needless to say I somehow managed to resist the MAC online launch as well as the various department stores. 

When my exams actually began I resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to skip the entire thing. After a two week exam period, my exams ended on a Thursday and on that said day I saw a local MAC girl post an 'Alluring Aquatic look' which suggested that the collection was launching or was about to launch in stores. However, I preferred to have the usual celebratory drinks etc and forget about heading down to Westmall to grab some stuff.

By the Friday I was in major regret mode and headed down to Westmall bright and early-ish on the Saturday morning. When I got there only two lipsticks were left, one blush, a few of the eyeshadows, the brushes and pencils. Needless to say, I immediately told the MAC guy i'd take the "Goddess of the Sea" lipstick and of course due to  my weakness for extra dimension formula products I asked for a blush too. I got the last GOS lipstick and  I was definitely not interested in the only other remaining lipstick, 'Siren's Song' which is a pale sheer beige in a lustre formula. Purchasing that one would have been money down the drain!

Now that my long winded story is over, let's get down to some packaging pictures! I 'try ah thing' with these pics and I'm actually loving how they came out!

Artsy right?!
Love how these came out!

The packaging is a metallic teal-blue colour with actual raised water droplets on it. It really is beautiful. Even the boxing comes with water droplet indents on in.  MAC really outdid themselves with this one and I can't help but think it's so creative and especially clever for a 'Summer Collection'. Love love love it! 

Water droplets everywhere!
See the water droplets <3!

Up first is MAC Goddess of the Sea Lipstick!

To be frank ,between the two lipsticks left this was the only one that would work for me and so I bought it blindly!

This lipstick is one of MAC's cremesheen formulas and is described as a "dark vibrant violet". On me, it seems to be a deep violet which leans a little toward the berry side of things. Personally it's a good addition to my stash as i didn't have much else in this colour range. The lipstick itself is creamy and applies evenly. One swipe or passing of the lipstick makes it a good daytime colour which can be built up and used for a more vampy look. Well at least on me it seems vampy!

MAC Goddess of the Sea. Diff lighting indoors and last pic with flash! NC42/43 skin tone

The swatch on top is built up to about 3-4 passes of the lipstick whilst to the bottom I've just swatched it with one swipe! As usual each pic is in different lighting indoors and the last pic is taken with flash!

Next up, MAC Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush!

MAC Seduced at Sea EDB
As aforementioned,  this was the only face/cheek product left in the entire collection. MAC describes this blush as a 'mid-tone neutral plum' but on me it translates to a muted orangey almost coppery colour with a lovely gold shimmer.

MAC Seduced at Sea EDB

As you guys may recall from previous posts, I'm enraptured by the extra dimension formula. This blush is no exception. It has enough golden shimmer that it would warrant the description tacky of the shimmer was done incorrectly. Fortunately MAC got it right as the shimmer is fine and extremely beautiful! The blush applies smoothly, is easily blended and gives a lovely glow. 

I used my finger to apply the blush heavily in the pictures below. The swatch to the top is blended out whilst to the bottom the blush has been heavily swiped. I changed the lighting for the pictures but again, they were both taken indoors. This blush applies a lot better with a brush as compared to using my finger to swatch.
Using my finger to swatch: Top is the blush  blended out! NC42/43 skin tone!
Different lighting! NC42/43 Skintone!

The picture below is one of me wearing the blush. To the bottom of my cheek i've used a bit of MAC Refined Golden Bronzer (which was as seems to be the usual available as part of the Summer Collection. I got mine in a previous release) for a slight contour and to the top of my cheek I applied MAC Fairly Precious EDSF!

Used on the cheek!
Not the best photo but I'm really not comfortable with adding full face photos onto my blog! Sorry! 
Let me know your thoughts on this post, this collection and what if anything you guys got from it! xx

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