Monday, 20 January 2014

From Me to You

Hi guys, 

Just wanted to put some of my ideas out there into the blog universe! I really thought this would be primarily a makeup blog. Somewhere along the way i've started to enjoy the concept of just sharing everyday tidbits with you. 

And yes I realise that I actually have a very limited number of posts but I find myself thinking of possible posts and actually just jutting down quick thoughts in draft posts. I hope its okay that this blog evolves into something more. For those of you who have actually started checking out or reading my posts I thank you and urge you to leave some sort of feedback for me. I really would love to know that i'm connecting with someone out there. I understand that blogs don't grow overnight but  in fact take time to build so I just hope that you are currently enjoying my posts.

A really long time ago, before real life concerns kicked in I really wanted to be a writer. In some minuscule way this is that little girl inside of me taking back that dream. Thank you for making it possible!



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