Friday, 17 January 2014

MAC Rebel Review

As I may have said before I am an absolute lipstick junkie...combine that with a MAC Wh*re and have my lipstick collection. I've decided  to focus on a permanent MAC Lipstick that can be found in either of the MAC Stores in Trinidad  to allow ease of access. MAC releases lovely limited edition lipstick shades but the permanent range has some beautiful colours that should be staples in any lipstick junkie's collection. 

So with that in mind let's start with MAC Rebel! Rebel is one of my lipstick loves! For many of you guys with 4 seasons Rebel might be considered a 'Fall' colour but for us here in Trinidad we just have a rainy and a dry season so Rebel can be worn year round. Yay!

MAC Rebel!

Rebel was one of my first five MAC lipsticks and was bought about 3 years ago when I was just beginning my affair with makeup. I remember being intimidated by the colour in the tube as it appears quite dark. However when I swatched it on the back of my hand I knew I had to try it on. When I did try it on my lips, two other customers shopping immediately complimented me and encouraged me to buy it. I will always remember one of them telling me "that is YOUR colour".

MAC describes Rebel as a "mid tonal cream plum with a satin finish". Satin finish lipsticks are usually semi-matte, they are not completely matte nor do they have an extremely glossy high-shine finish. Rebel is sort of berry red with a hint of purple. It seems to fall midway between plum and red  and the result is a slightly vampy colour. It definitely makes you feel sort of sultry when you're wearing it.

MAC Lipsticks all have a vanilla scent. However the scent is not obvious when it's on and it's not irritating at all. This is coming from someone with the world of allergies so if you're reading this and wondering if the scent will irritate you, it probably won't! Rebel is comfortable to wear and is not hydrating but can be slightly drying sometimes. It's texture is creamy and it applies evenly. Rebel is a richly pigmented colour that can be built up or sheered out and it never feels heavy on the lips.The wear time is wonderful with it going strong for about 5-6 hours including in that eating and drinking. Rebel also leaves a stain behind on your lips which you may or may not appreciate.

Please excuse the pics's been a long day and I really wanted to get this review up so I didn't 'fix up' my face etc.  And there's a slightly greyish cast due to a finishing powder i'm using which i'll review at a later date! Anddddd there was a slight brush hair caught on my lip from when I was quickly cleaning up the edges! Ughhhhhh! Please forgive me and enjoy the pics!

One pass of the lipstick!

Some smile action!

Built up! Flash used! 

Not a close up!

Built up! No flash!

Whenever i'm undecided as to what lipstick to wear or if I just want to pick a colour that is flattering on my skin tone I reach for Rebel amongst my 40+  MAC lipstick collection (and yes I know that this is relatively small compared to some people's stashes). I genuinely think that Rebel is a lipstick that's flattering on all skin tones and I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone! xx 

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