Monday, 13 January 2014

MAC It's Physical Fluidline

I love MAC Fluidlines.... I think they are amazing, pigmented, long lasting gel eyeliners. That little pot lasts a really long time...years actually! The glitter fluidlines tend to be hit and miss but It's Physical from the recently released Magnetic Nude Collection is lovely.

It's Physical Fluidline

MAC described this as being 'brown with purple pearl' and it's definitely accurate! It has a brown base with gorgeous purple shimmers! The shimmers are really pretty and catch the light well! I tried my best to capture the effect with my pictures below, The shade is really unique and definitely is a great one to add to your collection!

Trying to catch the shimmer!

As you can see it really does sparkle!

The fluidline is creamy and the glitter is very fine..however this may be better suited to be an all over lid colour (the fluid lines work excellently as lid colours) as opposed to a statement upper lid liner simply for the fact that it won't be a strong colour against us brown beauties. It also works really well as a lower lash line colour although I did experience some fall out with the shimmers. 

Swatch in normal lighting!

As you can see in the above 'normal' picture it doesn't stand out enough to be a statement liner in my opinion. Finally, below is a picture I managed to capture showing the liner under the lower lashline. It's an end of the night picture so all was not well!  LOL

It's Physical under the lower lash line! End of the night makeup!

Hope you enjoyed this quick review!

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