Sunday, 26 January 2014

MAC Magnetic Nude: Pleasure Model EDB

I promised to review this product a while back, after all it was a part of my Magnetic Nude mini haul, but, i've been swamped with school so unfortunately i'll just have to do a quickie review.

The first time these Extra Dimension Blushes were released people had problems with getting colour out of the pan. The reason was because they seemed to have come with a waxy film over them which had to be wiped off. Off the bat, I will say that the blushes in the Magnetic Nude release did not have this film over them. 

Pleasure Model EDB (normal light)
Pleasure Model EDB( taken with flash)

Pleasure Model is described as a soft terracotta with pearl and is a satin finish blush! The colour is a sort of coppery brown colour with orange undertones and is really beautiful on. It's not shimmery or sparkly but in fact imparts an almost luminous glow. The formula is long lasting and very smooth and blend able. Additionally the colour payoff is amazing! I really wish MAC would make this formula permanent. 

Below are my hundred and one pics! Just kidding! but I did include a couple pics just to give you an idea of how the blush looks in different lighting or at different angles.

This pic might be the most accurate representation of the colour!

Closer to the light! 

At an angle away from the light! 

Pic taken with flash! Def does not look like this at a normal glance!

Pleasure Model EDB with Fairly Precious EDSF as highlight to the top!

Hope you guys find this review helpful!

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